Presentingthe Eymo

Eymo balance is a new device for trauma treatment. The Eymo is carved out of wood. Spruce is used, which is a lighter type of tree that gives a comfortable grip and more pleasant sound for the marble.

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Using the Eymo

As the Eymo device is a new tool for trauma treatment, we are still investigating different ways to use the device.

Hans Petter (the founder) has found that Eymo balance provides bilateral stimulation of five senses: VISION, HEARING, TOUCH, PROPRIOCEPTION and BALANCE.

In addition, the brain’s motoric system is activated with easily executive functions, as well as the basic relational need for cooperation with another human, in this case the therapist. It also increases the patient’s autonomy.

We are very grateful if you will give us feedback on how you find using the Eymo.  In order for us to improve the device to give you the best experience.

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